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The fastest way to start gaining insights from your data in Data Studio is to use a report template. These templates help answer some of the most common questions marketers have about their Google marketing data.

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Google Ads templates

Each of these templates contains a data control, which lets you select the account you want to see. No need to make a copy unless you want to customize the report to fit your needs better.

Category Template Description
Account Performance Account Health Shows performance summary for search, display, video, shopping and apps.
Ad Group Performance Ad group level performance compared with past dates
Campaign Performance Shows performance of top 10 campaigns and metrics such as Cost, Avg. CPC, Conversions and Cost/conversion.
Demographic Performance Shows performance metrics by Gender and Age in both graphs & tables.
Device Performance Shows device performance for Conversions, Clicks, Cost, and more.
Geographic Performance Shows performance by various data cuts such as Region, Country, and City, using geo maps & tables.
Performance By Day Identify day of the week performance patterns.
Performance Trends Shows daily, monthly, yearly performance of Impressions vs. Clicks and other optional metrics You can filter this data by Account, Campaign, Campaign Type, Ad Group and Device.
Ad Performance Ad Insights Gives insights about ad types. The "Share of clicks" chart tells you which ad type is performing well as well as performance of top campaigns by ad type.
Ad Slot Insights Shows campaign performance of various ad slots and identifies low performing campaigns.
Display Performance Display Performance Helps analyze the reach of your display campaigns using metrics like Impressions, Clicks, CPM and Conversions. Figure out which audiences and targeting choices are working and make decisions to improve performance.
Display Targeting Demographic and Display keyword level performance stats.
Impression Share Display Impression Share Lost (Budget & Bid) Identify where you're missing out on potential traffic and monitor impression share trends due to budget or bid for display campaigns.
Impression Share Shows impression share performance for search campaigns by Ad type and Ad slot.
Opportunity Lost Dashboard Identify where you're missing out on potential traffic and monitor impression share trends.
Performance Gap Analysis Analyze performance gaps in your account at Campaign, Ad group, and Device levels, and also optimize and monitor impression share and lost IS metrics.
Search Impression Share Lost (Budget & Bid) Identify where you're missing out on potential traffic and monitor impression share trends due to budget or bid for search campaigns.
Search Performance Auction Insights Helps you compare your performance with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions as you.
Keyword Performance Useful for account optimization. Shows conversions & conversion rate by quality score, clicks & cost by match type.
Search Performance Dashboard Shows search performance stats at Campaign & Ad group level.
Search Query Report Shows performance of search terms with metrics like Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Cost, Avg. CPC, and Conversions, and can help add/pause keywords.
Shopping Auction Insights Shopping Auction overview helps to compare shopping performance with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions
Local Campaign Store Report Shows performance metrics for local campaigns. Performance can be tracked by local impressions, location, call clicks and driving direction metrics.
Shopping Performance Shows shopping performance stats at Campaign, Ad group and device level with metrics such as store visits, cost/store visits, clicks etc.
YouTube/Video Performance Video Performance [Campaign Type: Non-Youtube] Video campaign performance metrics such as Video views, Avg. CPV, Video view rate, Impression, Clicks including video quartiles at both Campaign & Ad group level, segmented by Device, Demography & Geography.
Youtube Performance YouTube campaign performance metrics such as Views, CPV, Clicks, CPC, Video quartiles by Day of the week and creative level stats.

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Google Marketing Platform product templates

Product Template Description
Campaign Manager 360 Campaign Manager 360 Overview Shows core metrics and KPIs.
Display & Video 360 Account Performance DV360 partner level dashboard to review performance across key metrics, such as Revenue, Impressions, Conversions, Clicks, and Viewability, across multiple dimensions and through a campaign's history.
Performance Dashboard Shows performance, engagement, and ad spend data.
Search Ads 360 Data Driven Attribution Helps to visualize and understand relative differences between data driven and last click attribution. Easily identify campaigns that would benefit most from optimizing to data driven attribution.
Performance Dashboard Shows visibility, engagement, and sales data.


To use these templates with your data:

  1. In the top right, click USE TEMPLATE.
  2. In the Copy this report dialog, on the right, select a data source.
  3. If you already have a data source of the appropriate type, select that to add it to the report.
  4. Or you can create a new data source that connects to your data by clicking CREATE NEW DATA SOURCE.

Adding a data source to a copied report.

Learn more about creating a data source.

General templates

See more templates in the Data Studio Report Gallery.

Submit your own template

If you've developed a Data Studio report you'd like to share as a template for others to use, you can submit it to the report gallery. Learn how.

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