Charts that use the color by series order option get their colors from the current theme. Themes also provide the starting colors for the dimension value color map.

There are 2 default color themes, "Simple," and "Simple Dark." The colors selected in these themes work well together aesthetically, and provide good contrast for vision impaired viewers. You can create a Custom theme by selecting your own colors.

The chart palette

The chart color palette

The chart palette.

The color swatches in the color palette correspond to the position of the data series in your charts. E.g., the first swatch colors the first data series, the second swatch colors the second data series, and so on.

Select a report theme

To select the theme for entire report:

  1. Edit the report. The Layout and Theme properties panel appears on the right
  2. Select the THEME tab
  3. Select the theme from the Theme drop-down menu.

Create a custom theme

Create a custom theme by changing the current theme colors:

  1. Edit the report
  2. Click anywhere on the report margin to display the Layout and Theme panel
  3. Select the THEME tab
  4. Scroll down to the Chart Palette section
  5. Click the chart palette to change the color for the selected position.

Your new custom theme appears in the theme drop-down menu.

Customize theme-based chart colors

You can override the report-level theme colors for a selected chart. Depending on the chart type, you can do this by selecting colors for each series, or by changing the overall chart color palette.

  1. Edit the report
  2. Select one or more charts
  3. In the properties panel on the right, select the STYLE tab
  4. Under Color by, select Series order (or Slice order for pie charts, Bar order for bar charts)
  5. Use the series color controls or chart palette to select new colors

Reset to report theme

To reset a chart to the report theme:

  1. Edit the report
  2. Select one or more charts
  3. In the properties panel on the right, select the STYLE tab
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the panel, then click Reset to report theme

If the report is set to use the color by dimension values option, clicking Reset to report theme will apply that option to the chart. Otherwise, the series order colors will apply.

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