Community visualizations (Developer Preview)

Display your data in new and interesting ways.

Community visualizations are charts created by third-party developers that work with your data and can be configured just like Data Studio's default charts.

Community visualizations display data from your data source. Although the community visualization can't access your data directly, you should still be sure you trust the developer of any community visualizations you add to your reports.

This feature is currently in Developer Preview and is intended to let you try out community visualizations and give us feedback. Learn more about the community visualization program and see featured charts in the developer documentation.

Add a community visualization to your report

To add a community visualization, you'll need to know its component ID, which is provided to you by the visualization developer.

  1. Edit your report.
  2. In the toolbar, click Community visualizations access.
  3. Enter the Component ID.
    Be sure to include the gs:// prefix in the Component ID field.
  4. Click ADD.
  5. In the properties panel on the right, configure the chart's DATA and STYLE properties.
Once you've added a community visualization, you can copy it within the report, or copy and paste it to another report.
Copying a report with community visualizations also copies those to the new report.

Enable community visualizations in your data source

By default, data sources do not allow community visualizations to display your data. You can enable community visualizations by editing the data source: 

  1. Edit your data source.
  2. In the top options bar, click COMMUNITY VISUALIZATIONS ACCESS.
  3. Select Community visualization access: ON.

Additionally, the data source must use owner's credentials.

Community connectors

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