Create a thumbnail image of your report

Let viewers see a snapshot of the report before they open it.

A thumbnail image is a smaller scale snapshot of your report. Thumbnails are useful for showing viewers a preview of the report's first page. Thumbnail images are stored in the cloud, so you can link to them easily, with no need to download or upload.

How thumbnails work

To display a thumbnail, append the /thumbnail endpoint to the URL of your report. This will create a scaled image of the first page of that report. You can adjust the image using optional URL parameters (see below).

For example, here's the Welcome to Data Studio report's thumbnail URL and the resulting thumbnail image:

Welcome to Data Studio

Update the thumbnail image

To generate a new thumbnail image, edit and then view the report.

Who can see the thumbnail?

Only people with View or Edit access to the report can see its thumbnail. In addition, the data source(s) for the report must be set to Owner's Credentials. People without proper access see a default Data Studio logo image instead.

Generic thumbnail

You'll also see this icon for deleted reports.

Customize the thumbnail

You can customize the dimensions and cropping of the image by appending parameters to the thumbnail endpoint. For example, you can set the height and width of the image with the ?sz= parameter:

Welcome to Data Studio

To produce a circular image, add the -cc parameter to the size parameter:

Welcome to Data Studio

Learn more about thumbnail options in the Data Studio Developers reference.

Use the thumbnail image

You can access thumbnail images directly via the URL generated by the /thumbnail endpoint. Click one of the URLs above to see the final thumbnail URL.

You can use this URL to display the thumbnail image. For example, use it in the src parameter of the HTML tag, or insert an image from URL in Google Docs.

Send a thumbnail in Gmail

You can include a thumbnail image of a Data Studio report in a Gmail message using the Insert photo option:
  1. Generate your thumbnail as described above.
  2. Copy the link of the resulting thumbnail image.
  3. In Gmail, compose a new message.
  4. In the bottom toolbar, click Insert photo.
  5. Select the the Web Address (URL) tab.
  6. Paste the thumbnail URL into the input box.
  7. Click Insert

Troubleshooting thumbnails

Having trouble displaying a thumbnail image? Check the following:

  • Be sure you can view the report. Thumbnails are only available for reports you can see.
  • Edit the report, then view it again. This will generate a new thumbnail image.
    If you try to access a thumbnail for an older report that hasn't been edited in a while, you may see the default logo image. Just edit the report, then view it.
  • All the data sources added to the report must use Owner's Credentials. Thumbnails can't be shown for reports whose data source uses Viewer's Credentials.
  • Try removing any additional parameters being passed to the /thumbnail endpoint. If the thumbnail appears with the basic endpoint, then double check the size and cropping parameters.
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