Edit the data source connection

Update or change the connection to your data.

Editing a data source connection lets you change how the data source connects to your underlying data set, while still keeping as much of the current configuration as possible.

For example, suppose you have a data source based on an unfiltered Google Analytics web property and have created a Data Studio report based on that data source. Now, say you create a new filtered property in your Analytics account, and want to use that data with your existing report. To bring in the new filtered data and leave any configuration changes intact (such as calculated fields, renamed fields, or changed aggregations), you can reconnect the data source to the new property.

How to reconnect a data source

Only the owner can reconnect a data source. If you only have edit rights, you won't see the EDIT CONNECTION button.
  1. Edit the data source.
  2. In the upper left, click EDIT CONNECTION.
  3. Select the new data set.
  4. In the upper right, click RECONNECT. Data Studio shows the fields changed by this action, if any.
  5. Click APPLY.

Effects of reconnecting a data source

  • New fields from the data set are added to the data source.
  • Fields that have been removed from the data set are removed from the data source.
  • Other changes you've made to the data source, such as renaming fields, changing field types or aggregations, and adding descriptions, are not affected.
  • Any reports already added to this data source remain attached, however, you may need to fix any charts broken by the field changes.
If any of the removed dimensions or metrics are used in calculated fields, those calculated fields are disabled. You can edit or remove them, as needed.
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