Returns the of number of items in a set of values.

The COUNT function counts the number of items in a field.




  • value - a field or expression that contains the items to be counted.

How the COUNT function works

The COUNT function takes 1 parameter, which can be the name of a metric, dimension, or an expression of any type. COUNT returns the total number of items in that field or expression, including duplicates.

To count only unique items, use COUNT_DISTINCT or APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT.

There are 2 other ways to apply this function:

COUNT Example

COUNT(Page) - counts the number of non-unique values in the Page dimension.

Limits of COUNT

You can't apply this function to a pre-aggregated field (Aggregation type of Auto), or to an expression which is the result of another aggregation function. For example, a formula such as COUNT(SUM(x)) will produce an error.
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