About connectors

In Data Studio, a connector is:

A connection to a specific type of data; e.g., Google Analytics, Sheets, BigQuery, etc.

Connectors link the underlying data set to a data source. When you create a data source, you start by selecting the kind of data you to which you want to connect, then provide the connection details (account IDs, database hostnames and IP addresses, worksheets, etc.)

You can change or reconnect a data set by editing the data source, then clicking Edit Connection.


How connectors work

Connectors are the "pipes" that allow a Data Studio data source to access the information stored in your data sets. Data Studio supports a number of connectors provided by Google. You can also use and create 3rd party connectors via the Community Connectors program.


Connecting to a data set requires you to authorize your access to that data. Creating a data source using a particular connector never grants direct access to that data to other people. And once you've created a data source, only you (the owner) can edit that connection. You can remove authorization  from Google-provided connectors at any time.

Types of connectors

There are 2 types of connectors: fixed schema, and flexible schema. The details are mostly transparent to you, but keep in mind the items in the notes section below.

Connector Type Fixed schema Flexible schema
Description Used for data sets where the set of fields is well-defined. A data source created with a schema-based connector has a predictable set of fields, with pre-set field types. Connects to data sets where the structure of the data can't be known beforehand.
Data Sets Supported
  • Google Ads
  • Attribution 360
  • Campaign Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Console
  • YouTube
  • BigQuery
  • File upload
  • Firebase
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Sheets
  • *SQL

Data Studio supports a subset of fields for certain connectors. See the connector reference articles for details.

Metrics in these data sets are often pre-aggregated. Their aggregation type is set to AUTO and can't be changed

Also, ratio metrics, such as Click-Through Rate and Conversion Rate, are already calculated by the time they get to Data Studio; trying to use them in combination with other fields that would require recalculation is not allowed.

You may need to adjust the type and aggregation properties for fields in API-based data sources. In particular, make sure that any date fields are properly typed as dates, and not as text or numbers.


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