Export data from a chart

Download data from charts.

You can use Data Studio to gain insights about your data, then export that data for use in other tools.

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To export data from a chart

  1. View the report.
  2. Hover over the chart you wish to export.
  3. To the right of the chart, click More menu.
  4. Select the export type:
    • Export CSV creates a comma separated text file.
    • Export CSV (Excel) creates a comma separated text file where non-ASCII characters are encoded properly for use in Excel™.
    • Export to Google Sheets option sends your data directly to Sheets.

Can't see the More menu menu?

Sometimes other components on the page can obscure the More menu menu. If you can edit the report, try increasing the space around your charts.

It's also possible the owner of the report has prevented exporting the data (see below).

How data export works

Data export saves the information from a chart to the file format you select. (Data export doesn't save an image of the chart, just its data.)

Data export is available in view mode. Data export works on an individual chart basis. Only the data available to you in that chart is exported. Any filters, date range controls, or Google Analytics segments currently in place are also applied to the exported data. This lets you use the Data Studio report to fine-tune your data before exporting it.

Export from tables

You can control how much data to export from a table using the Show pagination option, located in the table's STYLE tab, and the Rows per page option, located in the DATA tab.

  • When Show pagination is enabled, all data in the table is exported. The number of rows per page has no effect on the amount of data exported.
  • When Show pagination is disabled, only the number of rows shown in the table are exported.

Prevent others from exporting data

You can prevent other people from exporting data from your report as part of the report's sharing options. Learn more.

Limits of exporting data from a chart

You can export up to 750,000 rows of data from a chart.

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