Remove or reconnect access to your Google account

Data Studio depends on access to your Google account. For example, to create data sources for Google products, such as Analytics, Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform etc., Data Studio requires your permission to access those systems. You can remove that permission at any time using the Apps connected to your account page:

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Under Sign-in & security, click Connected apps & sites
  3. In the Apps connected to your account card, click MANAGE APPS
  4. Click Google Data Studio
  5. Click REMOVE.
Removing Data Studio from the list of your authorized apps will disable all the data sources you've created using Google product connectors. Data sources based on non-Google data, such as MySQL, will not be affected.

Reconnect your account to Data Studio

To reconnect Data Studio to your Google account, create a new data source based on a Google product. You will be asked to grant Data Studio access to your account.

Removing and then reconnecting your Google account to Data Studio can sometimes resolve data source authorization errors. You won't lose any of your reports or data sources when you do this.
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