Create and manage data sets

Learn how to uploaded files and manage data sets.

A data set in the context of file upload is a collection of files with the same structure. Once a file upload data set exists in Data Studio, you can connect to it and create data sources that use that data, just as you would with other types of data.

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Create a data set

To create a data set, create a new File Upload data source and add a file to it:

  1. Sign in to Data Studio.
  2. In the top left, click Create, then select Data Source.
  3. Choose File Upload in the Connectors panel
  4. Drag one or more files from your computer to the upload target, or click UPLOAD FILES and select the files you want

Your files will be added to the data set.

It may take some time to process your files. During this time, you can still add more data or create new sets.

Edit a data set

There are 2 ways to edit a data set: by editing the connection of a data source based on the data set, or by going through the connectors panel.

Edit the data source connection

  1. Sign in to Data Studio. After signing in, you'll see the Home page
  2. Click the DATA SOURCES tab
  3. Click a data source that uses the data set you want to edit
  4. Click EDIT CONNECTION in the upper left

Use the connectors panel

  1. Sign in to Data Studio. After signing in, you'll see the Home page.
  2. Click the DATA SOURCES tab.
  3. Click Create new report or data source.
  4. Choose File Upload in the Connectors panel
  5. Click the data set you want to edit

Add data to a data set

You can add more files to a data set at any time. Edit the data set and click ADD FILES. Then, select one or more files to upload. There is no need to click RECONNECT. Any data sources that use the data set will automatically be able to access the new data.

Adding data to a data set appends it to the data set, as opposed to merging it. In other words, if you upload duplicate records, both records will appear in your data.

Every file you upload to a given data set must have exactly the same structure, with the same fields in the same order.

Delete an upload file

Deleting an upload file removes its data from the data set. You can't undo this (though you can upload the same file again, if needed).

  1. Edit the data set
  2. Mouse over the file you want to delete
  3. Click the trash icon appears on the right

Rename a data set

When you first create a data set, it gets named using the name of the first file uploaded. To rename a data set:

  1. Edit the data set you want to rename
  2. Click the current name in the files panel and enter a new name

Delete a data set

Deleting a data set permanently removes all the uploaded files.

  1. Edit the data set you want to delete
  2. Click DELETE DATA SET at the bottom of the file list
Deleting a data set cannot be undone.

Fix upload errors

If your upload file has errors, Data Studio will display an error in the Status column of the file list. Click ERROR to display the actual problem found. Almost all these errors will be due to unexpected formatting in the uploaded file.

Learn more about upload file format.

Use an existing data set in a new data source

You can reuse data sets in any number of data sources.

  1. Create a new data source
  2. Select File Upload in the Connectors panel
  3. Select an existing data set
  4. Click CONNECT in the upper right

Change the data set for an existing data source

You can connect an existing data source to a different data set.

  1. Edit the data source connection
  2. Select a new data set from the data sets list or create a new data set
  3. Click RECONNECT
The new data set must match the structure of the previous data set, or your charts may break.

Access your data in Google Cloud Storage

All the data you upload via Data Studio is stored in Google Cloud Storage. You can access all your uploaded data there, as well as use other cloud services with the data. To access your data in the cloud:

  1. Edit a data set
  2. Click VIEW FILES IN CLOUD on the right, above the list of files.
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