Rename a data source field

Change the default field labels.

When you create or refresh a data source, Data Studio uses the field names or column headers from your data set as the field names in the data source. These field names will appear in your reports as the dimension and metric labels. You can easily change a field name by editing the data source, clicking on the field, then typing a new name.

You can't change dimension and metric labels in a report. You must change them in the data source.
You must have edit access to the data source to rename fields.


You want to change the "POS" field in the Team Roster 2016 data source to  "POSITION." To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Edit a data source by clicking it in the Home pageEdit your data source.
  2. Click a field to edit the nameClick the field you want to rename.
  3. Enter the new field nameEnter the new field name. Your change is applied automatically.
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