Link to a page

Deep link to a specific report page.

Each page of a report has a unique URL. You can use this URL to provide a link directly to that page.

For example, to create a "Next page" link in your report:

  1. Navigate to the page to which you want to link (e.g., page 2)
  2. Select the entire URL in your browser's address bar
  3. Switch to the page from which you want to link (e.g. page 1)
  4. Using the Text tool, add text that says "Next page." Select the text, then, use the link property in the STYLE tab and paste the page URL into the link field.

Sharing a page link

Anyone with view or edit access to the report can use the page link to navigate directly to that page.

Sharing a report gives the viewer or editor access to the entire report. It is not possible to share only a single page of a report.

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