YouTube Analytics connector

Connect Data Studio to YouTube Analytics data.

YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch, and share original videos content.

Anyone with a Google account can upload videos to a YouTube channel. The YouTube Analytics connector allows you to use Data Studio to report on analytics data about the YouTube channels you own.

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How to connect to YouTube Analytics

When creating a YouTube Analytics data source, you can connect to your YouTube channel data in the following ways:


The All option provides a list of all the accounts and channels to which you have access.

My Channel

The My Channel option provides a list of the channels associated with your current Google account.

Content Owners

If you use YouTube’s Content ID Matching system, you are considered to be a YouTube Content Owner. You can manage multiple channels, and allow other users to access this channel data on your behalf. The Content Owners option provides a list of all the content owner accounts to which you have access. Selecting an account will then show you a list of your channels.

Google+ Pages

The Google+ Pages option lets you access channel data via an associated Google+ page. (A YouTube channel connected to a Google+ page can be shared across multiple accounts, which makes Google+ a useful tool for team-based video management.)


Use the Advanced option to specify either a channel or a content owner ID directly.


Only 50 channels are displayed in the Content Owners and Google+ Pages options. Use the advanced option to access other channels.

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