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Introduction to Data Studio

Learn the basics of using Data Studio.

Connect to your data

Learn how to create a data source and add it to a report. See how to add a chart that uses a different data source in the same report.

Use date range controls

Date range controls give you a way to refine the time frame in a Data Studio report. Learn how to use and create them to make your reports and dashboards interactive.

Use calculated fields

Create new calculated dimensions and metrics, which you can then use in your charts and controls

Use filter controls

Filter controls give Data Studio editors a way to make their reports interactive. Report viewers can use these controls to refine the data displayed in the report.


Hangouts on Air

Watch interviews with Data Studio experts. (English only)

Data Studio: Insights, Vision and Product Highlights (Pt. 1)

Join Product Manager Nick Mihailovski and Louis Gray in a conversation about the vision and direction for Data Studio.

Report Like a Boss Using Google Data Studio

Watch product manager Nikhil Roy build a Data Studio report from scratch.

Quick Tip: Using Data Studio Templates

Watch product manager Dave Oleson demonstrate report templates

Build applications with Google Analytics Data Control

Learn how to use the data control to let viewers see THEIR data in your reports.




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