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Learn how to view and manage the relationship between reports and data sources.
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Add a data source to a report

There are several ways to add a data source to a report:

  • Create a new report and select an initial data source, or create a new one.
  • Add a data source to an existing report via the properties panel.
  • Add a data source to an existing report via the Resources and thenManage added data sources menu.
  • Copy a report (or use a report as a template) and select which data sources to use in the copy.

Effects of adding a data source to a report

Adding a data source to a report has the following effects:

  • It gives you a claim to the relationship between that data source and the report.
  • While that relationship remains in place, no one else can add that data source to that report.
  • That data source can still be added to other reports; your claim only applies to that specific report-data source relationship.
  • You can release your claim to a data source by removing it from the report.
  • The data in the underlying data set becomes available for use in charts and controls.
  • Viewers of the report can potentially see any of the data provided by that data source.
    • You can limit the data seen by using filters in the report, or by disabling fields in the data source.
  • Other editors can use the added data source to create new charts, using any of the dimensions and metrics available in the data source.
  • People with edit access to that data source can modify it, possibly in ways that could change or break the report (for example, by modifying or disabling fields).

Manage added data sources

To manage the data sources added to a report, edit the report, then select Resources and thenManage added data sources. This gives you access to the following information and actions:

Used in report

Shows the number of charts using each data source.


Shows whether the data source is working properly or if there is a problem with the data source connection. 

Problems with the connection

If you see problems with the data source connection, it may mean that the report-data source claim has been broken. Charts based on this data source will display the message "Failed To Get Data. The data source needs to be added to the report."

This can happen when the person who added the data source to the report leaves your organization, or has their permission to access the data source removed. In this case, someone else with permission to access that data source needs to add it back before those charts will work again. If you have this permission, you'll see a link to request access.


If you have edit access to the data source, you can click this link to display the data source editor.


If you added the data source to the report, you can remove it and release your claim to that data source. Any components that used that data source will show an alert instead of data.

To fix any broken charts or controls, you can:

  • Add the data source back to the report.
  • Select a different data source for the affected charts or controls.
  • Delete the affected charts or controls.

Note that simply changing a component to use a different data source does not remove the original one from the report.

Revoke credentials from data sources you no longer own

When you transfer ownership of a data source, the data credentials remain intact. This ensures that data sources using Owner's credentials will continue to provide data to reports as they did before the transfer. If you wish to stop using your credentials in data sources you no longer own, you can revoke them:

  1. Sign in to Data Studio.
  2. In the upper right, click SettingsUser settings.
  3. On the left, click Revoke data sources.

You'll see a message telling you if any data sources that use your credentials no longer belong to you. Click Revoke credentials to stop using your credentials in all of those data sources.

You can revoke credentials from an individual data source from the Data Sources home page:

  1. Sign in to Data Studio.
  2. At the top, click Data Sources.
  3. Locate the data source in the list, then click More menu .
  4. Click Revoke credentials.

Effects of revoking your credentials

Charts based on a data source from which you've revoked your credentials will stop showing data. The new owner of that data source can add their own credentials by reconnecting the data source to the underlying data set.

Learn more about transferring ownership.

Manage added reports

To see the reports which use a particular data source:

  1. Sign in to Data Studio.
  2. Navigate to the DATA SOURCES tab.
  3. Locate the data source you want to manage, then click the options menu More menu.
  4. Click Manage Added Reports.


  • Status shows if the data source has been added properly. If not, an alert icon will appear.
  • Used in report shows if there are charts or controls that reference the data source. This can help you make sure it's safe to remove a data source
  • Add a data source back to the report by clicking Add in the Action column.
  • Remove a data source from the report by clicking Remove Detach data source .

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