Google Analytics connector

Connect Data Studio to a Google Analytics view.

Google Analytics gives you insights into how visitors find and use your website, app, or internet-connected device. The Data Studio Google Analytics connector lets you create a data source that connects to a single Google Analytics reporting view. This data source gives you access to the same data that is available in custom reports for that view.

You can apply Google Analytics segments to your Data Studio reports, as well as see whether and how your data is being sampled. See Related resources below for more information.

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How to connect to Google Analytics

Connecting to Google Analytics requires you to provide an account, property, and view. You must have at least Read & Analyze permission to the reporting view to create a connector for that view.

To display data from multiple views, create a separate data source for each view and add each data source to your report.

What data is available from Google Analytics?

The Google Analytics connector provides access to a sub-set of the dimensions and metrics that are available via the Google Analytics Reporting API. It does not provide access to multi-channel funnels or real-time data. Additionally, certain dimension and metrics are not available in Data Studio, as they can't be widely used in combination with other fields to produce meaningful charts.

The sampling rate for the provided data depends (in part) on the date range: when the range does not include today, the connector returns the highest possible level of precision, with the lowest level of sampling. When the range includes today, the highest level of sampling is applied. See related resources below for more information on sampling.

Google Analytics 360 (formerly Google Analytics Premium) customers will get the same level of processing as available in Google Analytics.

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