About filter controls

Let viewers filter a report by dimension value.

Filter controls give viewers a way to focus on subsets of the data. Viewers can use the filter control to select one or more dimension values from a list by which to filter the report. For example, a filter control based on the Country dimension lets viewers limit the records displayed in charts to selected countries.

To learn how to filter the data before viewers see it, please see this article.

In this article:

Try it out!

This embedded report lets you filter the geo map by country:

  • Scroll through the list of countries. 
  • To deselect a selected country, uncheck its checkbox.
  • To select just one country, hover over it and click ONLY.
  • To select or deselect all countries, click the checkbox in the upper left of the filter list.

Video tutorial

Use filter controls

Note: the interface shown in this video is from a previous version of Data Studio. Not all the current features are shown, but the basic functionality is the same as the current version. We're working to update this video soon.

How filter controls work

Filter controls display a list of dimension values. Viewers select the values they want to include in the report from the list. Any charts and controls based on the same--or exactly similar--data source as the filter control are filtered by the viewer's selection.

The dimension used by the filter control does not need to be displayed in your charts in order for the filter to work. The filter is applied to the entire data record, so the filter will work even for Scorecards, for example, which don't display any dimension values.

What you can filter with a filter control

Filter controls can affect the following components:

  • Charts--filter controls work on every kind of chart.
  • Other filter controls--filter controls can filter each other. 
  • Groups--you can restrict a filter control to a group of components.

Limits of filter controls

List style filters can display a maximum of 10,000 values. To filter on dimensions with more than 10,000 values, use a search all style filter. Learn more about creating different kinds of filter controls.

Filter controls can only include a single dimension. If you want to let your viewers filter by more than one dimension, you have several options:

  • Create multiple filter controls. Learn how to filter your filters.
  • Combine the dimension data you want to filter by in a calculated field in the data source.
  • Combine the dimension data you want to filter by in the underlying data, if possible.

To filter by metric values, use a filter property. (Only report editors can set filter properties.)

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