Properties panel

The section of the report editor where you configure components and can access all of the data added to a Data Studio report.

The properties panel and data panel appear on the right side of the report editor. The properties panel is context-dependent: when you select one or more report components, you'll see the properties that you can configure for those components. When no component is selected, you'll only see the data panel. The data panel is always present regardless of the charts selected.

  • Use the properties panel to configure the currently selected component(s).
  • Use the data panel to access all of the data sources and their fields that are added to the report.

The following image shows what you might see when a table is selected:

The report editor with the properties panel and data panel displayed. On the left of the image is a table. On the right of the image are the chart properties and data panel. The data panel shows 4 data sources with their fields collapsed, and the Austin bikeshare BigQuery data source expanded to show a list of its fields.


  1. Table, selected
  2. Properties panel
  3. Data panel
  4. SETUP tab
  5. Data sources and fields list
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