Tutorial: View and share your report

Preview your report and share it with others.
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Data Studio makes it easy to for other users to view and collaborate on your reports. Your kindergarten teacher was right: it's nice to share.

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1 View the report

school icon View mode displays your report exactly as others will see it when you share it with them.

View report button.

To view the report

In the upper right, click Visibility icon View.

To return to edit mode, click Edit icon. Edit.

2 Share the report

school icon You determine who can view and who can edit your report.

Share button.

To share the report

  1. In the upper right, click Share icon Share.
  2. You can specify individual email addresses, or use one or more Google Groups, or share with both.
  3. If you only want to grant View access, change the drop-down menu to Can view.
  4. Click the Advanced link to set additional sharing options.

Learn more about sharing reports.

Next step

When you're ready to create reports with your own data, the data sources tutorial can help get you started.

Data sources tutorial

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