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Follow these steps to create a simple Google Analytics report.
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Creating reports in Data Studio is easy! In this tutorial, you'll build an attractive report in just a few steps.

Let's get started!

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Create a new blank report

  1. Navigate to the REPORTS Home page.
  2. Click Create new report or data source
  3. You'll now see the report editor, with all the controls and elements you need to add charts and data and to style your report.

  4. Click Untitled Report in the top left of the screen and enter a new name for your report.

Add a data source to the report

  1. Use the Data Source Picker on the right to add the [Sample] Google Analytics Data data source to this report. A confirmation dialog will appear.

    Add a data source to a report
  2. Click ADD TO REPORT
    Add data source to report dialog


Add a time series chart

school icon The time series chart plots data over the course of time.

Chart tool, and crosshair icon
  1. Click the Time Series tool on the toolbar: Time series icon
  2. Position the crosshairs on the page where you want the chart to appear.
  3. Draw the chart on the page under the title. You can adjust the position by clicking and dragging the chart, or by selecting it and using your keyboard arrow keys.
  4. By default, the time series chart shows the metric Sessions over time. You can change this later, but for now, leave it as is.

Style the report


Add a background color to your report:

Chart background and border controls
  1. Select the File > Report and theme settings menu.
  2. Select the THEME tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Background and Border section
  4. Use the color picker to set the Background color to your favorite color. Something in a mauvy-peach, perhaps?

Add a banner

Use a colored rectangle as a background banner for your report header.

Style rectangle
  1. Select the Page component by clicking anywhere in the grid area.
  2. Select the Rectangle tool from the toolbar. Rectangle tool icon
  3. Draw a rectangle across the top of the page.
  4. Select the STYLE tab of the Rectangle Properties panel on the right.
  5. Set the rectangle background color to blue.
Extra credit! Add a gradient to the banner.

When one color fades into another, the effect is called a gradient. Gradients are an option of the background color property.

  1. Click the background color control: Background color icon
  2. Click Gradient.

The left and right color swatches determine the starting and ending colors. Enter the specific color hex values, choose from the palette, or use the vertical sliders to select the color.

The orientation arrow controls the flow of the gradient.

Gradient control

Add a title to the report

Add title
  1. Select the Text tool from the toolbar. Text tool icon
  2. Draw a textbox inside the banner rectangle.
  3. Type Google Analytics Demo Dashboard in the textbox.
  4. Highlight the text. Use the Text Properties panel on the right to change the font color and the font size to something that looks nice to you.

Hey! Where's the SAVE button?

Data Studio automatically saves every change you make, so there's no need to click Save when editing a report. Pretty sweet!

Next step

Add more charts to your report.

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