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You can create a new Data Studio report in a number of ways. The method you use depends on your work flow or personal preference but the end result is the same: a report you can edit and customize to your needs and share with your stakeholders or the world.

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Create a report from a template

The templates panel appears at the top of the REPORTS home page. Use the Blank template to create a new report from scratch. Follow the steps described in the "Use the plus button" section below.

You can also use any of the sample reports to create a new report based on that sample.

Learn more about report templates.

Create a new report from the Home page

The REPORTS home page lists all your reports. Use the big blue plus button, located in the bottom right corner, to create a new report:

  1. Navigate to the Data Studio REPORTS page.
  2. In the bottom right, click Create new report or data source..
  3. The data source panel will appear on the right. Use that to either select an existing data source, or create a new one by clicking CREATE NEW DATA SOURCE at the bottom of the panel.
  4. In the dialog that appears, click ADD TO REPORT.
  5. Name your report by clicking Untitled Report on the top left.

You can now add charts to your report. These charts will use the data source you just selected, unless you tell them to use a different data source.

Create a new report while editing a report

While editing an existing report, select File > New report. Then, follow the steps described above.

Create a new report while editing a data source

Create report button

You can create a new report from within the data source editor. After connecting to your data:

  1. Click CREATE REPORT in the upper right.
  2. Then click ADD TO REPORT to use the current data source in the new report.

Make a copy of a report

To duplicate an existing report, view it, then in the upper right, click Copy.

You can copy a report you are editing by selecting File > Make a copy.

When you copy a report, you have the option of keeping the current data sources attached to that report, or replacing them with different data sources.

Learn more about copying reports.


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