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Let others view or edit your report or data source.

You've created a beautiful and compelling story told with data. Now it's time to share it.

Share reports (4:13)

How sharing works

  • When you first create a report or data source, you are the owner, and the file is private to you.
  • You can share Data Studio files directly in Data Studio. You can also do so in Google Drive, or through the Google Drive API
  • Sharing requires access to Google Drive. If your organization blocks access to Drive, you can't share reports or data sources.
  • G Suite organizations can be configured to prevent sharing to users outside of your domain. 
  • If you create or move the Data Studio file to a shared folder in Google Drive, the Drive folder's sharing settings apply to the file.
  • You can share a report or data source with specific users and groups, or via a shareable link.

Sharing reports

  • No login is required to view a shared report.
  • A Google login is required to edit a shared report.
  • Sharing a report does NOT share direct access to any added data sources.
  • Sharing a report doesn't automatically share any data sources. Data sources must be shared separately. 
  • Other people with whom you share can view or edit the report, even if you don't share its data source(s). 
  • Report editors can use the dimensions and metrics from added data sources to create or edit charts and controls in the report, even if you haven't shared those data sources with them.
  • Embedding a report in another site or application lets you share it with a wide audience.

Sharing data sources

  • A Google login is required to view or edit a data source.
  • Sharing a data source never grants access to the data set.
  • Sharing a data source with view permission allows the viewer to see the schema (structure) of the data source, but not change it.
  • Sharing a data source with edit permission allows editors to change the schema.
  • Only the data source owner can edit the data source connection.

Sharing a data source vs. data source credentials

It's not necessary to share a report's data sources for other people to view the report. Authorization to see the data in a report is governed by data source credentials. Viewers of a report can see the data they are authorized to see whether or not the data source is shared with them.

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