Return a value based on a conditional expression.

IF defines a condition and returns a result when that condition is met, or returns a different result if that condition is not met.


Calculate a bonus rate if actual sales exceed forecast sales:

IF(Actual > Forecast, Bonus *1.2, Bonus)

IF syntax

IF(condition, true_result, false_result)


  • condition - The expression to evaluate. condition can be any valid Boolean expression.
  • true_result - the value to return if condition is true. true_result can be any valid expression.
  • false_result - the value to return if condition is false. false_result can be any valid expression.

More examples

Return a dimension based on a parameter selection.

For example, you can create a Boolean parameter, Forecast Parameter, and use it to return a column of forecasted data. Otherwise, use the actual data:

IF(Forecast Parameter, Forecast Data, Actual Data)  


Identify records that are older than a certain number of days before today:

IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),Date,DAY) > 60, "old","new")


A more complex condition with logical AND, and regular expression matching:

IF(Event name = "purchase" AND (REGEXP_MATCH(Page path, ".*footwear.*") OR REGEXP_MATCH(Page path, ".*shoes.*")), "Shoe Sales", Page title)
While you can test for multiple conditions using AND and OR, as shown above, if you need more than 2 possible results, use CASE or simple CASE.
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