Connect to Google Surveys

Unlock survey insights through rich data visualization.

Google Surveys is a market research tool that allows you to easily create online surveys in order to make more informed business decisions. Users complete survey questions in order to access high quality content around the web, and publishers get paid as their users answer the surveys.

Connecting Data Studio to Google Surveys lets you create compelling and informative reports based on your surveys data, as well as data from multiple other sources. You can easily share your insights, even with people who don't have direct access to that data.

How to connect to Google Surveys

  1. Sign in to Data Studio.
  2. In the top left, click CreateCreate, then select Report.
  3. You'll see the report editor tool, with the Add data to report panel open and the Connect to data tab displayed.
  4. In the connector list, select Google Surveys.
  5. If prompted, AUTHORIZE access to your data.
  6. Select a survey from the list, or enter a survey ID.
  7. In the bottom right, click Add.
  8. A table appears with preselected fields from your survey.

Things to do next:

  • Move and resize the table on the canvas with your mouse.
  • Use the properties panel on the right to change the data and stylize the chart.
  • In the top left, rename your report by clicking Untitled Report and entering a new name.
  • Add more charts and visualizations by clicking Add chart icon.Add a chart.

Use the Data Studio template in Google Surveys

See your own survey results in the Data Studio template report:

visualize survey results in Data Studio buttonHere are some things you can do with the template:

  • Create your own charts and graphics that reflect the insights from your survey.
  • Filter the report by clicking a slice in a pie chart, or a bar in a bar chart. You can also click an age range or gender to see survey questions filtered by that dimension.
  • Change the date. If this is a recurring survey (that has been run in the past) you can select a specific Start Time to see results from just one instance.
  • See results over time. If this is a recurring survey, you can click Results over time in the right column to see how your survey responses have changed over time.
  • Export your data. Click Raw Results to see your results in table form. You can add and remove dimensions from this data and export it to CSV or Google Sheets.

New to Data Studio?

Take the Create a report tutorial. Or learn more about the report editor.

Edit the data source

The data source provides the fields available for you to use in your report. You can edit the data source to rename fields, add descriptions, add calculated fields and parameters, and change data types and aggregations.

To edit the data source:

  1. Select Resources and thenManage added data sources.
  2. Locate your data source in the list, then click Edit.

Learn more about working with data source fields.

Control who sees the data

The data source uses credentials to control how viewers of your reports can access the data.The 2 types of data credentials are:

OWNER'S CREDENTIALS lets other people view or create reports that use this data without requiring them to have their own access to the data set.

VIEWER'S CREDENTIALS, on the other hand, requires each user of the data source to provide their own credentials to access the data set.

You can see and change the credentials by editing the data source. The current credentials appear in the top of the data source panel.

Learn more about data credentials.

Limits of the Google Surveys connector

  • The dimensions and metrics available through Data Studio represent a subset of the fields available in Google Surveys. For example, you can't include Audience and Frequency data in your Data Studio reports.
  • You can fetch up to 26 recurring survey runs into a report.
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