Embedded data sources

"Built in" data sources make it easier to copy, share, and collaborate on your reports.

New data sources you create while editing a report are embedded in the report. When you share or copy the report, other report editors can also edit the data source. You can still create separate, reusable data sources.

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Embedded vs. reusable data sources

Data sources can be either embedded or reusable. Reports can include both embedded and reusable data sources.

Data sources you create while editing a report are embedded in the report. To edit an embedded data source, you do so within that report. Embedded data sources make collaborating on reports and data sources easier. Anyone who can edit the report can also edit the data source, as well as modify its connection.

Data sources that you create from the home page are reusable. You can reuse these data sources in different reports. Reusable data sources let you create and share a consistent data model across your organization. Only people you share it with can edit a reusable data source. Only the owner of the data source's credentials can modify the connection.

Benefits of embedded data sources

When you share or copy a report, all of its embedded data sources are shared or copied along with it. You don't need to share the data sources separately. Having your data sources embedded in the report reduces the number of assets you need to manage, since all your data sources can be contained by a single report.

How to tell if a data source is embedded or reusable

If you can see the data source in the Data Sources list on the home page, then it's reusable.

While editing a report, in the menu, click Resources > Manage added data sources. You'll see the type displayed in the first column.

Reusable and embedded data sources.

Edit an embedded data source

Anyone who can edit a report can edit its embedded data sources.

Share reports that contain embedded data sources

The type of data source makes no difference when you share a report with view access. Whether they are embedded or reusable, data credentials control who can view the data in the report.

When you share a report with edit access, those people with whom you share can use any embedded data source you've added to modify the report. Report editors can also modify the embedded data source.

Convert an embedded data source to a reusable data source

If you own the data credentials for the embedded data source, you can make it reusable. Making an embedded data source reusable lets you manage the data source as a separate asset. By default, editors of the current report will be able to edit the new reusable data source, but you can uncheck that option during the copy process.

  1. Edit your report.
  2. In the menu, click Resources > Manage added data sources.
  3. Locate the embedded data source, then on the right, click Make reusable.

Copy a report with an embedded data source

When you copy a report with embedded data sources, the copy includes those data sources. As before, copying a report doesn't copy reusable data sources added to the report.

If an embedded data source uses Owner's credentials but the person who copies the report is not the owner of those credentials, that data source isn't copied. Charts in the copy that are based on that data source will show an error asking you to fix the missing data source.

You can copy an embedded data source within a report:

  1. Edit your report.
  2. In the menu, select Resources > Manage added data sources.
  3. Locate the data source, then click Copy.

Version history and embedded data sources

Version history for embedded data source is included in the report's version history. To restore a previous version of your embedded data source:

  1. Edit your report.
  2. Select File > See version history.
  3. Select an earlier version of the report, then click Restore this version.

Limits of embedded data sources

The Explorer doesn't support embedded data sources.

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