Please note: Datally is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

Set up your emergency bank

You can set aside a small amount of data using Datally’s Emergency bank. This feature helps make sure you have enough data to use for emergencies, like an Uber ride home or a call to your family. 

How to set up your Emergency bank

  1. On your Android phone, open DatallyDatally.
  2. Tap the Emergency bank
  3. Tap on Add Balance Details.
    1. To get started, check your balance from your carrier.
    2. Enter how much data you want to reserve in the Emergency Data Reserve field. 
    3. Enter how much data you have available in your Current Data Balance. Note that your Current Data Balance must be larger than the Emergency Data Reserve.
    4. To set when you want the Emergency Data Reserve to expire, click Tap to set expiry date.
  4. Tap Confirm
  5. If the Turn on Data Saver window pops up, click Turn On

Next steps

Once setup is complete, make sure you use and manage your data accordingly. 

  1. Start using data as you normally would, while keeping Data Saver turned on. The Data Saver tracks in real time how much data you’re using. 
  2. When your  Current Data Balance is reduced to the amount you chose for your  Emergency bank data reserve, then Datally blocks all data automatically. You can pause or turn off Emergency bank at any point.

More about Emergency bank

Emergency bank calculates an estimate of total balance remaining from your input. If you input the incorrect data balance, then data may be turned off when you have more or less data remaining than you requested. Also, plans with free data features (such as free nights or free videos) may not be calculated correctly.

Learn more about how to save data using Datally.

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