Earn rewards using Datally

When you download or use apps on the rewards platform in Datally, you can earn mobile data rewards to use on other apps or websites.

Note: This Datally feature might not be available in your country yet. This feature has limited availability.

How data rewards work

Each time you earn a minimum amount of data, Datally adds that amount to your mobile balance. Carriers decide how much data you must earn before it gets credited to your account.

You can earn data rewards when you use Datally to:

  • Install a new app for the first time.
  • Use apps. You'll earn back all the data you used as data rewards, up to a daily limit.

Earn data rewards

To earn data rewards, you need a mobile data plan on an eligible carrier.

  1. Make sure your device is connected to mobile data instead of a Wi-Fi network. You can only earn data rewards if you're using an app on a data connection.
  2. Open Datally Datally.
  3. Tap Rewards Rewards.
  4. Choose an app to install or use.

Note: The Datally app uses your phone number to add data rewards you've earned to your balance.

Earn rewards using Google Search

You can earn data rewards by searching in the Google app or in Chrome. Any data rewards you earn for searching will show under the Google app even if you searched in Chrome.

You can earn rewards up to the daily limit displayed on the rewards screen in Datally when you:

  • Search.
  • Visit websites from search results.
    • You won't earn rewards on most videos you watch on these websites.
Earn rewards by sharing Datally
  1. Open Datally Datally.
  2. On the top left, tap Menu Menuand then Share Datally.
  3. Share the link with someone. If the person installs and registers on Datally, you’ll get a reward.

Note: Rewards for sharing may be discontinued at any time.

See your rewards

  1. Open Datally Datally.
  2. Tap Rewards Rewards.
  3. Tap Rewards earned today.

Fix issues earning or using data

If you're having trouble earning or using data, make sure:

  • Your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Your SIM is active. If you aren't sure if your SIM is active, contact your mobile data operator.
  • Your device isn't roaming.
  • You aren't connected to the internet through a hotspot.

If you're still having trouble, send us feedback.

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