I'm a publisher who uses DFA reports. Do I need to update to a Google Account?

Yes. DFA is accessible only to users who have completed the update of their username and password to a Google Account. This includes publishers who use DFA for third-party reporting.

Once you update to a Google Account, you'll sign in to DFA with the email address and password from your Google Account. This will allow you to access the reporting Accounts for all of your DFA advertiser and agency clients with the same sign-in. You'll no longer need to maintain a list of several different sign-ins. More benefits.

Note to advertisers/agencies: In the past, you may have provided a publisher with only one sign-in to share among several users. In the future, please provide a publisher with individual sign-ins for each user.

Note to publishers: If you share your DFA sign-in with multiple users, please request individual sign-ins for each user from your advertiser/agency. Learn more about why we recommend individual sign-ins. If you're unable to acquire an individual DFA Account, you may want to coordinate internally before you update to a Google Account:

  • Please use an email alias that is shared by the team, or at least those who will share access to this Account.
  • Have someone who oversees the team create the Google Account. This person will be responsible for ensuring that the proper users have access to the Account and are using it appropriately. He or she will also need to make password changes when necessary (for example, if a user leaves the team).
  • Once you're ready to create the Google Account, you can create it and link it to the shared DFA Account using these instructions.

Ready to update? Learn how.

Important: If you have access to DFA Accounts from multiple advertisers and agencies, please update all Accounts to the same Google Account. This will allow you to access all your DFA Accounts with the same sign-in.