Does updating to a Google Account affect user security?

No. The Google Account is merely used to link your sign-in preferences to your DoubleClick products. User security is not affected.

Note: Updating to a Google Account does not affect the privacy of your DoubleClick data. Learn more.

Account Update and Passwords

After you update to a Google Account, your password won't expire. This is because research shows people choose weak passwords after expiration.

  • Google helps you to create a strong initial password, with dynamic feedback on the strength of your proposed password.
  • Google prevents you from selecting passwords that match most of the dynamically updated passwords being used to attack Accounts.
  • Google provides guidance on good password habits, such as when to change it and why.
  • Google has automated processes that monitor failed sign-ins and challenge users with CAPTCHAs when Google suspects an Account is being attacked. Even when the suspected user answers the CAPTCHAs correctly, Google may still prevent them from signing in, depending on other factors.

Account Update and Increased Session Times

To keep DoubleClick products in line with other products that use Google Accounts, the session timeout has been extended to two weeks. This extended session timeout will not affect the security of your data.

More Questions?

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