DFA6: Updating your Sign-in Information to a Google Account

DoubleClick for Advertisers 6 (DFA6) is accessible only to users who have completed the update of their username and password to a Google Account.

After you update to a Google Account, you'll be able to:

  • Manage multiple DFA6 Accounts with one username and password. This allows you to more easily move among different DFA6 Accounts.
  • Switch among DFA6, DART for Publishers, DoubleClick Search, MediaVisor, and other DoubleClick products with the same sign-in information.
  • Use the same username and password for DoubleClick Accounts and other Google products for your business, such as AdWords and AdSense.
  • Enjoy access to the new DFA6 Help Center without having to sign in multiple times.
  • See useful inline help directly in the DFA6 interface.

Ready to update? Learn how.

Important: After you update, your DoubleClick agreements will continue to govern your use of DoubleClick services, and the Google Account Terms of Service shall not amend or supersede those agreements. Learn more.

Can't sign in after updating? Please visit the Sign-in Troubleshooting section.