How can I see the new Help Center for my DoubleClick product?

Just update your DoubleClick sign-in to a Google Account, and you'll have access. You'll be able to get to the Help Center from the Help link on your product's pages (or the Help Center — New link if you use DART for Publishers). You can also click the URL for your product's Help Center and sign in with your updated Account:

If you're a DFA6 or DFP user, you'll be granted access to the help for all associated products:

  • DFA6 users will see help for DFA6 and MediaVisor.
  • DFP users will see help for DFP, DART Sales Manager (DSM), DART Adapt, Boomerang, Mobile, and In-Stream.

Note: Help for DFA5 and ReportCentral has not been updated to the Google Help Center format. You'll still have access to the legacy help for these products.

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