What's a Help Center?

With the new single sign-in feature for DoubleClick products, you can enjoy easy access to your product's brand new Help Center without having to sign in multiple times. Built on Google's simple yet robust help infrastructure, the new Help Centers contain DoubleClick Help and Knowledge Base articles. Google's search functionality makes it even easier to find the information that matters to you most.

  • Easily find what you're looking for: The new Help Centers are powered by Google Search.
  • No need for multiple sign-ins: Navigating between DoubleClick products and the Help Centers now requires just one sign-in.
  • Information in one place: The Help Centers consolidate knowledge that was previously spread across Online Help, the Knowledge Base, and other resources.

Want to see your DoubleClick product's new Help Center? Just update your Account, and you'll have access. If you haven't yet updated your DoubleClick Account to a Google Account, learn how.