Oops, I made a mistake during the update process. How do I undo it?

If you're a DART for Publishers (DFP) or DoubleClick for Advertisers 5 (DFA5) user, please contact your network administrator to undo the update. Only network administrators with the permission to 'Modify Users' will see this view.

  1. Locate user in the Users module.
  2. Click on the General tab.
  3. If the user has updated to a Google Account, you'll see the Google Account email address listed to the right of the user name.
  4. If you need to unlink the legacy DoubleClick sign-in from the Google Account, deselect the check box next to Linked to Google Account.
  5. Click Submit.

For all other DoubleClick products, only a DoubleClick support representative can undo the update of your product to a Google Account. Please make sure you're absolutely ready to update before you start the process.