Does updating to a Google Account affect the privacy of my DoubleClick data?

No. The Google Account is merely used to link your sign-in preferences to your DoubleClick products. Your DoubleClick data will still be governed by the terms and conditions of your DoubleClick contract.

Note: Updating to a Google Account does not affect user security. Learn more.

Account Update and Your DoubleClick Contract

After you update, your DoubleClick agreements will continue to govern your use of DoubleClick services, and the Google Account Terms of Service shall not amend or supersede those agreements. Ownership of data generated by customer use of DoubleClick services is governed by each customer's contract with Google. Changing the sign-in details and process for DoubleClick products does not affect the contractual rights of the parties. While it is possible that some contracts contain variations from DoubleClick's standard principles, each customer should check their own contract to confirm their position.

Account Update and Email Access

Signing up for a Google Account using your work email does not give Google access to your email — It simply serves as your Account name to sign in to your DoubleClick products.

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