I can't sign in with my Google Account username and password

One of the following may be happening:

  • You're not using the correct Google Account. Sign in with the Google Account you specified during the update process.
  • You still need to update to a Google Account. Sign in with your DoubleClick username and password, or click the Update Now link to start updating your sign-in information.
  • You're on the DoubleClick sign-in page instead of the Google sign-in page. Click the Sign in with your Google Account link and enter your Google Account sign-in information on the page that appears.
  • You're already signed in to another Google Account on this computer. You can be signed in to only one Google Account at a time. Sign out of the other Google Account, and try to sign in to your DoubleClick product again.
  • In a few situations, you still need to use your legacy DoubleClick username and password.

We can't modify the DoubleClick sign-in page until all users have updated. Therefore, we recommend that you bookmark the Google sign-in page for your DoubleClick product.

Still can't sign in? Try this Google Accounts Troubleshooter.