How do I update my DoubleClick username and password to a Google Account?

To update your DoubleClick sign-in information to a Google Account, just follow these steps:

Watch a video on how to update DFA or DoubleClick Search to a Google Account.

Watch a video on how to update DFP to a Google Account.

Important: After you update, your DoubleClick agreements will continue to govern your use of DoubleClick services, and the Google Account Terms of Service shall not amend or supersede those agreements. Learn more.

  1. On your product's sign-in page, click the Update Now link.
  2. Click the Sign in with your DoubleClick Account link in the top right, and log in.
  3. On the Choose a Google Account page that appears, select one of the following:
    • If you've used Google products for your business (such as Analytics, AdSense, or AdWords), or you have already updated another DoubleClick Account, enter the email and password in the Yes box and click Link Accounts. We strongly encourage you to use separate Google Accounts for personal and business use. If you don't have a Google Account for business, we recommend that you create one.
    • If you need to create the Google Account, click the Create a new Google Account now link in the No box.
      1. On the Create an Account page, we strongly recommend that you enter your work email address ( in the Your current email address: field.
      2. Follow the remaining instructions to create a new Google Account.
      3. Click the I accept. Create my account. button.
      4. Access the email specified on the Email verification page.
      5. Click the link in the email message we sent you.
  4. The Congratulations page appears to confirm your Account update. From now on, you'll sign in with your Google Account email and password.
  5. To continue on to your DoubleClick product, click the Continue to product button. If you want to update another Account for the same product, click the Update another product Account button to the right. If this button does not appear for your product, go back to step 1 and repeat the update process.
  6. To update sign-in information for other DoubleClick products, you can complete a similar process from each of their home pages. Be sure to use the same Google Account for each product update, so you can sign in to all products with the same email and password. Note that the update of some DoubleClick products results in the automatic update of other products.

We can't modify the DoubleClick sign-in pages until all users have updated. Therefore, we recommend that you bookmark the Google sign-in pages for your DoubleClick products.

Important: We strongly discourage you from sharing your Google Account with other users of your DoubleClick product. Learn why.