Can I have more than one Google Account?

Yes. However, we recommend that you use only one Google Account to access all of your DoubleClick Accounts. We also strongly discourage you from sharing your Google Account with other users of your DoubleClick product. Learn why.

Did you know that a Google Account doesn't need to be a Gmail Account? In fact, we encourage you to update to a Google Account that uses your work email address ( If you don't have a Google Account that uses this address, we recommend you create one. Please avoid using a personal Gmail Account or creating a Gmail Account for business use.

If you do have more than one Google Account, you can be signed in to only one Google Account at a time in the same browser. However, if you're signed in to your DoubleClick product in one browser (such as Internet Explorer), you can sign in to your personal Gmail Account in another browser (such as Firefox or Chrome).

If you use the same computer to sign in to both your business and personal Google Accounts, always make sure that you're signing in with the correct email address for your business Account. Learn why.