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Can I use ETag value to pull G Suite Users/OUs identities using directory APIs? Currently we are using https://www.googleapis.com/admin/directory/v1/users and https://www.googleapi… Higher Education Google Custom Search still showing ads We are not able to turn off ads for a (non-profit) Higher Education account. The account is: https:/…
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Does the no content class still work? Does using on content you don't want indexed still work?
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test test test test test the boy jump on the hill
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How can i get balance query limit i have each day for the free query limit 100. I cannot get enough search results when i search in google custom search.I wanted to know how much q…
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search API returns 502 ERROR sporadically we are making HTTP request to Google Custom Search as specified by docs and in last year never recei…
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Hi, is it possible to extend the search to more than 10 pages? We would extend the search up to 50 or 100 pages. Is this possible?
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custom search recently stopped working :( i'm having sudden problems with custom search on my nicer.app/googleSearch here's my code, which sto…
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How do I turn autocorrect off? I tested my CSE by entering the name of my site, and every time I correct the autocorrect, go to pag…
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How to remove a picture or image in a google search added by another user How to remove an image added by another user from the google search and google maps which is not rel…
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Como excluir foto que outras pessoas adicionaram em minha pagina na localização do Google. Como remover fotos da publicação da empresa por outras pessoas
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