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Multi language sites

We have multiple sites, under the same docroot, but all with their own native TLDs and native languages. For example

www.domain.com = /home/user/public_html
www.domain.de = /home/user/public_html/german
ww.domain.mx = /home/public_html/spanish


We need each of these sites indexed separately, e.g. When someone does a search from www.domain.mx it only returns results from the Spanish language site. Or, if someone does a search from www.domain.com, it only returns results in English (excluding the German, Spanish etc. sub-directories).

Two questions:

1. Can this kind of segregation be accomplished with GSS?
2. Would each domain need to be licensed separately with GSS?

Thank you in advance for your helpful replies.

EDIT: Third question:

Is there a demo version of the product available for evaluation?
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You can always get the experience of the search engine by creating a free CSE engine from here

You can test this out with the free CSE version. The only difference with the free CSE and GSS is few features

You can try using the refinements and filter the results accordingly

Another option is to use the language restrict "lr" parameter
I think the best way so separate search results from different domains/languages is the as_sitesearch  parameter in combination with as_dt.
You can build just one big search index over all domains and control the output of search results on different domains easy.
Muhammad ShariQ Ali
Muhammad ShariQ Ali
link is not working
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