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What happens to my search engine if my search engine generated more query volume than the version I signed up for?

If your Google Site Search engine has generated more queries than the subscribed license, multiple email notifications (between 0-30 days) will be sent to the account which was used to sign up the Site Search, and the admin account added under Business Settings tab in Control Panel. You can Upgrade/Renew the license within 30 days of initial notification, failing which the service will be downgraded to a free Custom Search Engine.

To upgrade the GSS license:

  1. On the Control Panel, on the left-hand side, click Business Settings.
  2. To upgrade your license, click Upgrade/Renew . This button is available only if you've exceeded your previous purchased query volume.
  3. Select the appropriate version and continue with Google Checkout.

Important: The license term is reset to the new license year, starting from the date of upgrade.