Add sites

You can include sites and pages in your search engine individually or in bulk. You can either type full URLs, or you can get fancy and use URL patterns (like wildcards).


To include sites in your search engine

  1. On the Control Panel, on the left-hand side, click Sites.
  2. Under Included sites, click Add Sites, and then do one of the following:
    • To add individual URLs, click type the URL you want to add, and specify the options you want. (Optional) If you've created refinements, select any labels you want to apply to the site.
    • To add URLs in bulk, click Include sites in bulk, and then type the URLs you want to add (or paste from a list).
  3. Click Save.

Specifying pages to include

When listing URLs for inclusion or exclusion from your Custom Search Engine, there are several ways to specify pages, sites, and domains.

  • Individual pages You can specify a single page to be included or excluded; for example, specifying will include or exclude the mypage.html page on

  • Entire sites You can specify an entire site to be included or excluded; for example, specifying* will include or exclude all the pages on

  • Parts of sites You can use wildcard patterns (see URL patterns) to include or exclude certain parts of a site; for example,*about* will include or exclude only files on that have the word about in their name.

  • Domains You can specify an entire domain using * Note that when you first create a Custom Search Engine, if you specify, we will automatically convert this to **. If this is not your desired domain, you can change it back in the control panel.

You can also include an entire site and then exclude part of it; for example you can include (*) and then exclude (*). In this case, all the pages on, except those that start with

When a result matches multiple URL patterns, the one that is used is the most specific pattern.