Branding guidelines

We want you to have as much control over the Custom Search Engine branding as possible. Read our Branding guidelines.

To see branding styles in action, check out our branding demo.

The name of your Custom Search Engine is shown on the homepage that Google hosts for your search engine, as well as the results pages that Google serves. There are just a few restrictions on what you can name your Custom Search Engine.

  • Don't use "Google" in the name of your search engine.
  • Don't use other trademarked names unless you own them or have permission from the trademark owner to use them.
  • We also recommend that you keep the name of your search engine as short as possible (three or four words) because the name will fit more nicely on your search engine homepage and search results.

Google Site Search

If you have a paid Google Site Search account, you don't have to have any Google-related logos on your site for Google Site Search. However, you might want to consider having the "Powered by Google" on your site as your users may be more likely to make use of a site's search function if they know that it is based on Google search technology, knowing that they will have the same great experience on your site that they do with

You can turn off Google Branding by customizing your search box from the Look and Feel section of the Google site search control panel.

Disable Google branding in Google Site Search:

  1. On the Control Panel, on the left-hand side, click Look and feel.
  2. Under Choose or customize a style, find the style you want to use. If you want to update the style you're currently using, click Reset style; otherwise, click Customize under the style you want.
  3. Click the Search Controls tab.
  4. Beside Google branding, select Hide.