Transfer ownership

Google Site Search accounts can transfer ownership of the search engine to another Google account. 

Transfer ownership of a Google Site Search engine:

  1. From the Control Panel, select the Google Site Search engine you want to transfer to a different account.
  2. Click Business from the left menu. 
  3. In the Ownership section,  click Transfer Ownership.
  4. Enter the Google account of the new owner. It must be a valid Google Account
  5. Update the details in the Administrator and Organization information sections. Google will send license renewal notification and other messages to the email address in this section.
  6. Click OK.
After transferring ownership, Google will create a new search engine with the configuration of the original. This search engine has a new ID, which Google will provide to the new administrator. You must update the search engine code on your site with your new search engine ID.

Transferring ownership of a Google Site Search account that uses a business group

If you use a business group with your Google Site Search account, you can't directly transfer ownership of that Google Site Search to another account. By first making the new owner an admin on any free search engines in the business group, you can transfer the Site Search account without affecting the free search engines. 

To transfer ownership of Google Site Search when you are using a business group:

  1. Add the target account you want to transfer ownership to as an admin for each free search engine in the business group. See Choose who can edit your search engine.
  2. Transfer ownership of the Google Site Search engine to the target account with the instructions above.