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Enhance your organization's website even more with Google Site Search.

Why upgrade to Google Site Search?

Google Site Search offers an upgraded Custom Search experience for your business, with more search traffic, additional features, better customization options, and tech support. If you upgrade to Google Site Search, some of the features you can expect in addition to the free Custom Search features are optional Google branding, the option to remove ads from your search results, and enhanced customization of search results using the XML API. 

What can Google Site Search do for your website?

With Google Site Search, you can:

  • Integrate the power and relevance of the Google search experience into your site
  • Help your visitors find what they need, increasing your website's conversion and user satisfaction
  • Customize the search results to match your website's look and feel
  • Choose and prioritize the websites in your search results
  • Decrease operational costs by leveraging Google's infrastructure to host your search solution

How is Google Site Search different from the free Custom Search?

Here's an overview of the differences you can expect between Google Site Search and the free Custom Search:

  Google Site Search Free CSE
Search options
Search the entire web
Image-only search
On demand indexing 500+ URLs depending on account type
Look and feel
Option to remove ads
Access to XML API for results
JSON API Unlimited Daily limit
Make money with AdSense
Option to remove Google branding
Transfer ownership
Share query quotas with a business group
Technical Support
Access to the support forum
Email support