Search results don't load

If no search results appear for your search engine, and you see a Loading ... message, check the following:

  • JavaScript errors

    Check your code to find and fix JavaScript errors.

    1. In Internet Explorer, your status bar will display a warning if any JavaScript errors are discovered on the page. Double-click the warning to see the problem code.
    2. In Chrome, right-click the page, click Inspect Element, and then click the Console tab.
    3. In Firefox, first make sure you have installed the Web Developer add-on. A notification will appear in the top right corner whenever a JavaScript error is detected. In addition, the Firebug add-on can help diagnose JavaScript problems.
    4. In Safari, use the Elements tab of Web Inspector to check for JavaScript problems.
  • Browser issues

    Test your search engine using multiple browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Opera) to determine if the problem is browser-specific. If results load correctly in at least one of these browsers, please let us know.

  • HTML issues

    Check that your HTML page begins with the <!DOCTYPE html> declaration.

  • Code snippet

    If you have edited your code snippet, try replacing it with the original snippet. (On the Control Panel, click Get code.) It's possible that your page may contain CSS or JavaScript that interferes with the code snippet. To determine if this is the case, try adding the code snippet to an otherwise blank page.

  • HTTP protocol

    Make sure that the http:// protocol in your code snippet matches that of your HTML page. Check this line:

    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
  • Network issues

    Check that your network is not preventing your page from successfully loading JavaScript and CSS files. In Chrome, right-click the page, click Inspect Element. The Network tab lists the components your web page or application is requesting from web servers, and lists the HTTP request and response headers for each of these resources. If you see a HTTP status code other than "Success" or "Not modified", check that your network is not preventing you from accessing these files. Similarly, you can use the Firebug add-on (for Firefox), the F12 developer tools (Internet Explorer 9), and Safari Web Inspector to help diagnose network issues.