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Autocompletion match mode

When you enable autocompletions on your search engine, users will be able to see lists of suggested queries as they start typing in your search box. Google suggests these autocompletions based on our own understanding of users' likely intent, but you can also add your own autocompletions.

Match mode specifies how you want Google to display autocompletions. You have the following options:

  • Prefix: Prefix mode tells Google to display only autocompletions that match the opening words of the user’s query. For example, how to submit will trigger how to submit sitemap but not submit sitemap.
  • Ordered: Ordered mode tells Google to display autocompletions when the trigger terms in the user query match both the words in the autocompletion and the order in which those words appear. For example, video s will trigger submit video sitemaps but not sitemap video.
  • Any: Any mode tells Google to display autocompletion regardless of the order of the words in the triggering query. For example, sitemap submit will trigger both how to submit sitemap and submit video sitemap.

Google tries to display autocompletions only when they are likely to be useful. If you’ve selected Any or Ordered match mode, longer autocompletions may not display for queries that contain only one or two words. For example, pie will not trigger apple pie recipe.

Prefix matches are displayed ahead of ordered matches, which are displayed ahead of Any matches. For example, if you’ve selected the Any match mode, the query apple p matches the following autocompletions, in order:

  • apple pie (Prefix match)
  • buy apple pie (Ordered match)
  • pie apple (Any match)

If you choose Prefix match mode, buy apple pie and pie apple won't be shown at all.

To change match mode:

  1. On the Control Panel, on the left-hand side, click Autocompletions.
  2. Under Match mode, select the option you want.