Inline mark-up (microdata, micro-formats, RDFa)

To enable rich snippets in your Custom Search results pages, you can mark up your structured HTML content in any of three formats: microdata, micro-formats, or RDFa. In addition, Google also supports, which lets you mark up a much wider range of item types on your pages, using a vocabulary that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! can all understand. (More information about You can use whichever standard you prefer. You don't need any prior knowledge of these formats, just a basic knowledge of HTML. (For even more information about adding structured data to your pages, see our developer documentation )

(Note: Marking up your data for rich snippets won't affect your page's ranking in Google Web Search results, and Google doesn't guarantee that mark-up on any given page or site will be used in Web Search results.)

For specific vocabulary and examples, see:

Once you’ve marked up your content:

  • Check your mark-up, using the rich snippets testing tool
  • If rich snippets aren't appearing for your site, see possible reasons why.
  • Use on-demand indexing to get your updated pages crawled and indexed quickly. (Google will discover your new mark-up the next time we crawl and index your site, but using on-demand indexing speeds up the process.) Free accounts can request on-demand indexing for up to 100 pages per search engine (paid accounts get more).