Query: Definition

In general, Google Site Search considers the following to be queries and to count towards your Google Site Search license:

  • Any actual user query from a Google Site Search engine, including but not limited to search engines installed on your website using XML, iFrame, or the Custom Search Element.

  • Any search performed on your search engine's Google-hosted home page (accessed by clicking your search engine's name in the Control Panel).

  • Any click to a Next or Previous page of search results (for example, any search using the start or num search parameters).

  • Any refinement to a search.
Google Custom Search and Google Site Search return up to 10 results per query. If you want to display more than 10 results to the user, you can issue multiple requests (using the start=0, start=11 ... parameters) and display the results on a single page. In this case, Google will consider each request as a separate query, and if you are using Google Site Search, each query will count towards your limit.