Add Street View

Provide insights into locations relevant to items in your exhibit

To add a Street View panorama to your exhibit:

  1. Click Select a Street View on an "Add new panel" or "Add new section" space
  2. Search, or zoom to a location, then drag the  Pegman Pegman onto the map. Areas where Street View imagery is available will be highlighted in blueDrag the Pegman onto the map
  3. Drop the Pegman at the desired location, you will zoom to street level
  4. Click and drag the Street View image, pan and walk around, and find the best view, then click OK
  5. Add a caption and your preferred layout option in the same way as for regular item panels, or a title and description for a section


CI Cultural Institute website partners: if we have undertaken a “Street View” capture at your location, your "Museum View" panoramas can be added to an exhibit in the same way as regular image and video panels.
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