Cultural Institute website

Publish your items and exhibits on the Cultural Institute website. Before they go live, your contact at the Google Cultural Institute will guide you through the review and approval process.

Add exhibits

To add an exhibit to the Cultural Institute website:

  1. Open the Exhibits page icon Exhibits manager
  2. Select any exhibits you would like to appear publicly on the Cultural Institute website
  3. Click the Publish control that appears above the exhibits list
  4. Choose the "Cultural Institute" option
  5. Click Apply. The "publishing" status column for your selected exhibits will now include the symbol  CI...
  6. Inform your contact at the Google Cultural Institute that you have selected one or more exhibits, and they will begin the review process
  7. After their review and upon your approval, the symbol shown will change to  CI approved, confirming that your exhibits are now approved for the Cultural Institute website
Exhibits will only display correctly on the Cultural Institute website if all items within it also use the "Cultural Institute" publishing option. If this is not the case, you will be prompted to correct the mismatches automatically after clicking Apply.

Add items

You can also add individual items for display on the Cultural Institute website, even if they are not used within an exhibit. Follow the same steps outlined above for exhibits, but use the Items page icon Items manager instead.

Any item or exhibit that uses the "Cultural Institute" publishing option will be discoverable on the Cultural Institute website.

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